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Choosing the right steak!



This decision is most often predicated on experience and personal taste. Different cuts of beef have different textures and flavor profiles as well as different levels of marbling. Our steaks range from the most tender, Filet Mignon, known for it’s tenderness and lighter flavor – a good steak to have one of our delicious sauces with, To our Prime Rib Eye that has the most marbling and also a delicious full beef flavor, good with a sauce but in most cases not necessary as it is nice and juicy!  Our NY Strip Sirloin is known for it’s flavor and texture, the kind of steak you can really sink your teeth into, Our Chef’s favorite! It is also great with or without one of our sauces. We use Certified Angus Beef for our NY and find it has the best flavor and texture even over the prime versions we have tested! Like the classic Steak Au Poivre? If so you will devour our pepper steak preparation of our NY with fresh ground black pepper, caramelized onions and cognac port wine sauce.

Want beef but want to try something else? Our Hanger Steak may fit the bill. The hanger steak has only become popular in the last 20 years or so. A great tasting steak, Delicious, but we suggest you order this medium or less as it eats best when not cooked beyond medium.

Still want beef but not in a steak form? We of course can handle that with our slow roasted Prime Rib! We season and cure it for two days before roasting to allow the flavors to strengthen. We cover it in a salt crust for roasting and slowly bring it up to just about medium rare. Tender delicious, mouth watering to say the least, our Prime Rib is an experience in itself! Available all day every day until we run out and we do our best to not run out!!