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What makes a great burger!


Making a great burger is in many ways an art form. The beef must be fresh, not aged like a great steak. It needs to be a cut that has a lot of flavor and a good fat content to make your burger nice and juicy. It must be properly seasoned and seared on a hot grill, never pressed so the juices remain where they belong! It should be cooked just enough that the meat remains red but the fat has been rendered and is bursting from the burger. After that what is done to it is a matter of personal preference. At Prime Cut we double grind Angus Beef Chuck every day to ensure a fresh and great burger. Our choices are simple, traditional and allow the burger to stand out as the prime ingredient. Cooked anyway you prefer but we recommend just under medium as that is when those great juices are just being released from the meat. Try one of our fresh ground in house burgers and see the difference!!